8 Awesome Back to School Ideas

Hi! It’s Monica here with some back to school ideas for you that you don’t want to miss!

My family homeschools and my four little students are excited to be getting back to school on Monday. I know lots of schools in our area are starting up in the next few weeks. And if you’re still in the middle of your summer, it’s never too late to plan ahead for the coming year.

Today I’m sharing eight awesome ideas I found for you to get ready to head back to school!


1. Create a Back to School Countdown

Get your little (or not so little) ones excited about the upcoming school year by counting down the days with messages, tasks, and treats!

2. Make your own School Binder

Mique provides printables to make a cute school binder for each of your kids that includes a binder cover, grade for pictures, all about me page, and calendar.

3. Download a Back to School Photo Checklist

There are awesome photo ideas included in this helpful checklist that would make for great scrapbook pages to document getting ready for back to school.

4. Download some Free Fonts to your stash

Who doesn’t need (okay…maybe not NEED, but want) awesome back to school fonts to add to their font collection?? I found great lists of Back to School fonts here and here.

5. Create a Back to School Homework Station

If you want to start the year off organized and prepared for homework time with your children. This back to school homework station will help you do just that!

6. Start a New Tradition

Look through this list of 10 back to school traditions and find one (or more) that will work for your family! It’s never too late to begin a memorable tradition.

7. Make a Back to School Ruler Wreath

This adorable ruler wreath will make an adorable addition to your front door for the back to school season.

8. Create some Back to School Nail Art

Get out the polish and give yourself and maybe even your little ones some nails with a back to school theme!


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