CT Spotlight: Christelle

I’m back with another installment of our CT Spotlights!  Take a look at what Christelle has to say:


I’m a 32-year old pharmacist from South Africa, close to Johannesburg.  No husband or children yet, but a devoted aunt to my nieces who are close to 5 and 7 years respectively (I also got a brand new niece at the end of August!). I’ve always loved crafting, started digiscrapping in 2008, and invested in an embroidery machine in 2012 and a Silhouette Cameo in 2013 – I could spend hours playing around and creating!  The free time that I don’t have, is spent reading or napping, and ultimately travelling whenever I get the chance.

Her gallery at DST:

2 of her favorite layouts:

Lovin_-my-boots-248 Christelle

I-hope-you-dance-429 Christelle

Her favorite sserenity product:



If you could only scrap in 2 colors for the rest of your life- what would they be?

Probably red and black! Red is my favourite colour in the world, and I love the dramatic combination with black.

Total coffeeholic! No talkie before coffee.. I only drink tea when I’m really really sick..nearly dead..

You get one wish from a magic genie- What is it?

Oh, I’d wish for a trip around the world – for as long as I wish!

Nail Polish and Makeup – what are you’re feelings on these?

I’m quite pale, with pale eyebrows and lashes too, so make-up is a must! I usually don’t wear heavy make-up, but try not to go out of the house without painting a bit.
My nails are usually red – I feel that I can get away with that, and have to look well-groomed, as I’m working with people every day.

How many states/countries have you visited?

Not nearly enough! But I’ve been to 11 countries (including the USA – 2 states).

I just love learning about our team members, don’t you?  See you next time with another installment….


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