Holy guest spot Batman!!


Guess who’s opening up a guest spot at Gotta Pixel??  You guessed it!!  Amber’s opened up a guest shop at Gotta Pixel!!  And she’s got a gorgeous brand new template pack that you can pick up 30% off!

Take a look at Weeping Willow:sserenity_weepingwillow_folder This pack is exclusive to Gotta Pixel and she’s also bringing over a few more of her favorite packs as well!  Go ahead & check out her store at Gotta PIxel!!

Now for the winner of Weeping WIllow…….



Congratulations Alanna!! Please shoot an email to Amber at ambermdesigns @ gmail.com (remove the spaces) for your coupon code!

I’ll leave you with some inspiration from Amber’s awesomely talented team:



As always, we love seeing what Amber’s templates inspire you to create, so please don’t hesitate to link us up, never know when you’ll be our Gallery Standout!

Kari x2b

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