Wordless Wednesday: Taking a Look at Photo-Focused Layouts


Last week we spent some time looking at layouts that were very word-focused. They were heavy on word art and journaling, even remaining photo-less in some cases.

Today we’re going to do just the opposite.

We’re going to take a look at some Photo-focused layouts.

The layouts that I’m going to share with you today all come from Amber’s gallery at Pixels & Company. All of them really shine because of the stunning photography and the choice of the perfect papers and elements to highlight the photography and really make the photos shine.

As you will see these layouts contain very little words, if any at all.

Yacht Club by weaselwatchr uses a large photo as the background and then a smaller photo of this beautiful couple. Oh, and there’s even another smaller photo of the scenery in the upper right corner.


I love how the soft photography is highlighted by the soft colors of the papers and elements that are used in Time Out by Traumelfe.


All Smiles by christellevandyk captures a happy photo with such a sunny feel!


The beach scene in Serenity by kc71595 truly takes my breath away. She included one word, “Serenity” and that’s all that’s needed to accompany these three photos.


Provence by Dutch_Diva is another photo focused layout that used a large photo as a part of the background of the layout and is accompanied by a smaller photo. This is such a great way to focus your layout on a brilliant photo.

Last week I shared some essentials for creating word focused layouts and this week I would like to do the same for photo-focused layouts, but as I think about it, there are just three essentials you need to create these types of layouts.

1. An Amazing Photo

2. The perfect kit to compliment your photo

3. A Photo-focused template

Would you add anything to this list?

Have you created layouts with very little words to really focus on a photo?


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