World Animal Day!

Hi there and welcome on this amazing saturday.

I was thinking about what to write today for this fun post and I just could not figure it out until my fur baby asked for some attention this morning! Today is World Animal Day!!!

World Animal Day is an international day of action celebrated annually on October 4, the Feast Day of St Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. It started in 1931 at a convention of ecologists in Florence, Italy who wished to highlight the plight of endangered species.[1][2] (wikipedia)

We (my daughter and I) are huge animal lovers and for some reason all the animals we cross paths with are also in love with my daughter, she kinda attracts them in some way and it’s something beautiful to witness. Me personally loves to photograph butterfly’s and I’ve even got a little butterfly tattoo!! But when it comes to domestic animals…we love cats and we even got our very own fur baby pussycat called Speedy. Although…baby…she’s not really a baby anymore since she became 9 today! Yup she was born on World Animal Day haha

World, meet Speedy…our very own red devlish but sweet pussycat! Isn’t she a beauty?!150693_10150815119535712_172178771_n

Just like last time…I took a plunge / dive into Amber’s store and came accross some awesome templates with little animals on them! You can use them for any occasion offcourse, but it would be totally awesome if you used them with some pictures of your animal baby’s or animals you have seen outside in nature or animal park :)

southernserenity_freebird_folder-01   southernserenity_luckyduck_folder southernserenity_metamorphosis_folder   southernserenity_somebunny_folder-01
(all images are linked to the store)

Have a great day and enjoy World Animal Day!! See you next time :)


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