What Are The Subjects In Arts?

People (portraiture), assemblages of items (still-life), the natural environment (landscape), and abstractions are the most prevalent topics of art (non-objective).

Similarly, How many subjects are there in art?

There are five disciplines that must be studied in addition to a few electives. Political Science, Economics, English, History, and Geography are among the most diverse fields of study in the arts. History, English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Economics, Political Science, Psychology, and other arts subjects are available.

Also, it is asked, What are the 9 art subjects?

ArtMathematics is the best subject combination. The English language is one of the most widely spoken languages in the Civic education is a term that refers to the study of Food and nutrition or economics. Literature written in the English language. Government. CRS/IRS. Languages in Nigeria (Yoruba or Igbo or Hausa)

Secondly, Which job is best for arts students?

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in the arts, you may expect to find 40 employment Technical Officer for the Project. Sociology. Designer of textiles. Translator/Interpreter. Designer of visual communication. Designer of websites. Jobs as a Civil Servant or in the Government Assistant to the CEO.

Also, Is biology compulsory for art?

A clear response to this question is “NO.” Biology is not a required course for art students; it is entirely optional, and you, as an art student, may choose whether or not to include it on your list, as you can also substitute Geoprahphy or Agricultural Science.

People also ask, Is arts good for future?

A wealth of prospects await Arts students who have obtained expertise in courses such as English, Political Science, Geography, History, and Economics. Law, journalism, fashion design, and hotel management are some of the top courses available after 12th Arts, depending on the student’s preferences.

Related Questions and Answers

What if I take arts after 10th?

After tenth grade, students interested in fine arts such as music, languages, painting, sociology, journalism, and communication may enroll in arts courses. Students may pursue Bachelor’s degrees in a variety of fields, including education, literature, languages, mass media, communication, arts, design, and more.

What can I do after 12 arts?

After 12th grade, there are a variety of options for careers in the arts. Bachelor’s degree in arts (B.A.) Bachelor’s degree in fine arts (B.F.A.) Business Administration Bachelor’s Degree (B.B.A.) Combined law program (B.A. + L.L.B.) Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication is a degree in journalism and mass communication (B.J.M.) Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design (B.F.D.) Bachelor of Hotel Administration (B.H.M.)

Can arts student be a doctor?

Answer. No, students in the arts are not eligible for doctoral programs. You must study MBBS in order to become a doctor, and in order to study MBBS, you must write NEET, and to be qualified for NEET, you must have studied science in your 12th grade. If you wish to pursue MBBS, you may reapply for 12th grade with a scientific course.

Which is the easiest course in arts?

Admission to Nigeria’s Easiest Arts Courses Archeology. Language Arts is a subject that is taught in schools. Anthropology. Arabic is a subject of study. Chinese. Arts of the visual kind. Arts & Crafts. Criminology

Is maths compulsory for art student?

Only five (5) topics are necessary for admittance to the WAEC WASSCE, however you must finish nine (9) subjects by adding further courses from both scientific and commercial areas. Art students must take the following WAEC subjects: Mathematics. English

How many years does it take to study art?


Is arts Class 11 easy?

Arts is a generally basic and straightforward subject. It does not necessarily involve intricate formulae, hypotheses, or computations, unlike science and business.

Which field is best after 10th?

In addition, if you’re seeking for the greatest course after 10th, here’s a list of the best programs and courses: Creating Courses. Courses in animation. Courses in Fashion Design. Courses in Graphic Design. Courses in Engineering. Vocational Training. Courses in Hotel Management. Courses in Hospitality Management.

Is government an art subject?

GOVERNMENT: Many art students find government to be a fascinating topic. Other art courses, such as civic education and social studies, are based on this subject.

Is geography a art subject?

Geography is an arts topic since the term “geography” means “the earth,” therefore we study the world’s physical characteristics and atmosphere. Geography is a branch of science concerned with the study of the Earth’s territories, characteristics, population, and occurrences.

Which job is highest salary?

India’s Highest-Paying Jobs Pilot program for commercial use. Manager of a product. Manager of investments. Consultant in management. Manager of the company. A data scientist is a person who studies data. Chartered Accountant is a professional accounting designation. Doctor/Physician

What can I do after arts?

Following are the most popular courses following 12th grade arts: Bachelor’s Degree in Arts (BA) Business Administration Bachelor’s Degree (BBA) Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts (BFA) Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism (BJ) Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws (B.A./B.L.) (B.A. L.L.B.) Bachelor of Computer Science (BCA) a certificate in education (DEd) Bachelor of Mass Communication (BMM).

Do arts have scope?

With an arts degree, you may pursue a variety of employment paths in a variety of industries. Law, education, languages, media, and publishing, to name a few, are some of the most promising job options in the arts.

How many fields are there in arts?

Painting and drawing, sculpture, design, weaving, textiles, ceramics, photography, films, video, computer art, animation, novels, short stories, epics, poetry, music, opera, theatre, dance, and comics are all examples of art. The art is now divided into two categories: The visual and performing arts.

What is the percentage for arts?

To enter into Arts, you need a score of at least 50%.

Which group is best in 11th?

Bio mathematics is the best group in class 11, but it is also the most difficult. The csc group is next, followed by the commerce group. The Commerce group is the simplest of all the groups, and it is also a wonderful group with a lot of prospects these days. But it all depends on what you’re interested in.

Can I take maths in arts?

Yes. In the plus two level, the arts stream may be combined with math. Some Indian colleges, such as the University of Delhi and the University of Calcutta, need math as a requirement for admission to BA(hons) Economics programs.

What should a girl do after 12th?

The material presented here examines the numerous job alternatives accessible to females in order to help them make the best selection for their future. Digital marketing is a term that refers to the use of Bachelor’s degree in economics Business Administration Bachelor’s Degree Chartered Accountancy is a profession that involves the practice of accounting. Secretary of the corporation. Bachelor of Legislative Law is a degree in legislative law. Bachelor of Accounting and Finance is a degree in accounting and finance.

Which job is best for 12th pass?

Private employment for 12th pass students in 2022 Writing of content. It is an excellent opportunity for any kids with strong writing abilities. Tutor. BPO. Operator in charge of data entry. Police Department. Indian Army. Primary School Teacher. Merchant marine.

Can arts student become lawyer?

After completing 12th grade, candidates may enroll in law school in any of the following streams: science, commerce, or the arts. The individual who wishes to pursue a career in law must take the CLAT exam (Common Law Admission Test)

Can arts student give NEET?

Students in the arts are not qualified to take the neet test.


Arts can be divided into many different disciplines. The most common are the visual arts, performing arts and creative arts. There are also subjects in architecture, music, dance and literature.

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