When Did Sword Art Online Come Out?

Similarly, Is Sword Art Online good for 12 year olds?

Definitely not for children or young teenagers.

Also, it is asked, Will there be a season 5 of SAO?

For the first time ever, a whole season of Sword Art Online (with English dub) will be accessible for streaming beginning in February. It is broken into 25 episodes, each of which is roughly 24-25 minutes long and shown on television.

Secondly, Is Sword Art Online happy ending?

The first season of Sword Art Online contains two happy endings, the second of which has a significantly smaller consequence. The Aincrad Arc comes to an end during the midway of the season. After their struggle, Akihiko maintains his promise to Kirito and frees all of the remaining player-prisoners.

Also, Is Akihiko Kayaba alive?

Akihiko, like the SAO virtual game, dies at the conclusion of the Aincrad Arc (November 2024). He’s repurposed a FullDive device to permanently transfer his mind into the virtual world. His brain cells are fried, and his physical body is killed, as a result of the scan.

People also ask, Why did Kayaba make SAO?

Why Did Sword Art Online’s Creator Kill People? It was created to serve as a personal substitute for the actual world. Kayaba Akihiko merely introduced other individuals into it rather than bringing others into it.

Related Questions and Answers

Why is Kirito a girl in GGO?

Kirito spent a lot of time playing SAO, thus when it was transformed to ALO and GGO, the data from Kirito’s gameplay was transferred. As a result, the system bestowed upon him the “female” avatar. 2. When scanning Kirito’s appearance, the technology became “confused,” resulting in a male avatar that seems to be a female.

Is harem a Japanese word?

In Japanese anime and manga, a harem is a tale in which a male character is surrounded and adored by a large number of female characters. Just a few examples are Suzuka, Love Hina, Ai Yori Aoshi, Rosario + Vampire, and Sekirei. The majority of the time, the female characters are romantically interested in the protagonist.

Who is in Kirito’s harem?

As a result, we can deduce that NONE of the five so-called “harem members” is actually a harem member. Silica, Sinon, Alice, and Leafa have no affections for Kirito at the moment, whereas Lisbeth has a crush on him. Kirito is exclusively in a relationship with Asuna.

Why is SAO an 18?

There are some violent situations in this film, including some that are sexual in nature. When you first see the new SAO collection, one of the first things that hits you is the rating: 18.

Is Sword Art Online R rated?

Sword Art Online, although mostly child-friendly, does include some suggestive material and some profanity, but the anime is mostly safe for children aged 11 and above. The official classification is PG-13, however I believe this is a little high.

Is SAO a real game?

Virtual Reality, which first appeared in Sword Art Online, is finally becoming a reality in 2017, more than two years later. Sword Art Online’s virtual reality experience has been confirmed for this year.

How many Sao books are there?

As of Octo, the series has expanded to 26 volumes. With the first book on Ap., Yen Press started releasing the novels in English on North America and the United Kingdom.

How many seasons are there in Sao?

Sword Art Online (SAO), which debuted in 2013, includes four seasons (the third season is divided in two) and a spin-off series, Gun Gale Online (GGO), both of which focus on completely immersive games. In this post, we’ll examine at all of the IMDb ratings for SAO and GGO episodes.

Is Nerve gear possible in 2022?

Is NerveGear a viable option? No, the Nerve Gear is not feasible right now. However, according to the designer, Kayaba Akihiko, they are working on Nerve Gear, which will be launched in May 2022. As a result, the Nerve Gear will not be available in 2020, but rather in 2022.

Can Kayaba log out?

People can no longer log out of SAO since Kayaba has made it impossible. Kayaba establishes himself as unbeatable. Kirito asks Kayaba why he locked individuals in the game at the conclusion of the game.

Is Kayaba Kiritos dad?

Kirito/father Kazuto’s is played by Akihiko Kayaba.

Did Kayaba save asuna?

The reason for Kayaba’s existence, as well as rule violators. Because he was impressed, Kayaba rescued Kirito and Asuna. They were the first to defy the laws of the system he created.

Why did Kayaba help Kirito?

Kayaba Akihiko promised Kirito that he would stop Asuna from committing suicide before the contest ended (episode 13). Because he is both truthful and fair, he made this pledge. As a result, although Asuna died in the game, she did not die in real life as a result of Kayaba Akihiko’s pledge to Kirito.

Why did Asuna’s hair turn blue?

Because Asuna is an Undine, a water spirit, her race’s hair color in ALO is blue. Salamanders have red hair because they are fire spirits. Sylph hair is green, which seems to be the official hue for air or wind.

Is Asuna a Yandere?

In the Abridged Series, Asuna seems to be a Yandere. She seems to be compassionate and innocent at first, but when her love with Kirito is endangered, she transforms into a violent force eager to murder anybody who stands in her way.

What is Asuna’s hair color?

Asuna’s hair color is characterized as “chestnut-brown” in the Progressive Light Novel by Reki himself.

What did Sugou do to Asuna?

He sexually abuses Asuna in front of Kirito by confining him with an overpowered Gravity Spell, then torturing him with his own sword while reducing the pain absorber.

Who married Asuna?

Asuna and Kirito promptly started their leave of absence from the Knights of the Blood Oath, marrying and embarking on their honeymoon after purchasing their new house.


The “sword art online season 4” is when the anime series came out. The first episode aired on October 23, 2012 and ended on March 27, 2013.

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The “sword art online games” is a novel series that was released in 2009. The first book of the series, “Aincrad”, came out on November 10th.

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