Why Did American Dragon Change Art Styles?

American Dragon was a show that ran for 3 seasons on Disney XD. It was about a teenage boy named Jake Long who had to balance his life as a dragon and a human. The show ended in 2007, but fans are still wondering why the art style changed so drastically in between the first and second seasons.

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The original art style

The original art style for American Dragon: Jake Long was created by Jeff Goode. He was the Executive Producer and Head Writer for the first season. The art style was supposed to resemble Japanese animation from the 1980s. The show’s producers wanted the characters to have large eyes so they would be more expressive. Goode based the designs on American Dragon Ball Z and Vampire Hunter D.

The change to the art style

The art style of American Dragon: Jake Long was changed between the first and second seasons. The show’s creator, Jeff Goode, said that he wanted the show to have “a unique look”, and so the decision was made to change the art style. Goode said that the new art style would be “more edgy” and “more action-packed”.

Why the change was made

In October of 2005, American Dragon: Jake Long was released as a Disney animated series. The show was successful and ran for two seasons, but something happened between seasons that caused the show to change its art style. For the entirety of season one, the show had a traditional hand-drawn animation style. However, between seasons, the show switched to CGI animation. This was a surprising change for a show that had established itself with a different look, but there were several reasons behind the switch.

One reason for the art style change was that Disney was moving away from traditional hand-drawn animation in general. Around the time that American Dragon: Jake Long was cancelled, Disney also stopped producing films in traditional animation, opting instead for CGI or live-action films with CGI elements. The switch to CGI for American Dragon: Jake Long may have been an attempt to make the show more marketable or to save on production costs.

Another reason behind the art style change may have been that it simply made sense for the story. In season two of American Dragon: Jake Long, Jake gains the ability to transform into a dragon at will. This is a major shift in his character and storylines becomes more focused on his dragon form. Therefore, it makes sense that the art style would need to change in order to accommodate this new direction.

Ultimately, there are several reasons why American Dragon: Jake Long switched from traditional hand-drawn animation to CGI between seasons. Whether it was due to changes at Disney or due to storytelling necessity, the result was a surprisingly smooth transition that didn’t affect the quality of the show too much.

How the change was received

The American Dragon: Jake Long series followed the titular character as he tried to maintain a secret dragon identity while attending middle school and balancing typical teenager problems. The show ran from 2005-2007 on Disney Channel and had a total of 52 episodes over two seasons. It was created by Jeff Goode.

In 2006, halfway through the first season, the show underwent a change in art style. This art style is known as “ promotional art” and it was used to help market the show to a wider audience. The original art style was criticized for looking “ too cartoonish” and “ kiddy.”

The new art style was received better by both viewers and critics alike. It helped the show appeal to a wider age range, which in turn helped boost ratings. The series has since gone on to gain a cult following among kids and adults alike.

The different art styles used in the show

Since its debut in 2005, American Dragon: Jake Long has undergone a few changes in terms of its art style. The show started off with a more “cartoony” look, but as it progressed, the art style became more realistic. Some fans have speculated that this was due to the show’s change in networks (from Disney Channel to Disney XD), but it’s actually because the show’s creator, Jeff Goode, felt that the characters needed to grow up along with the viewers.

In an interview with Martin Dean, Goode said: “As the audience grew up, we felt it was only appropriate that our characters grew up too…We wanted to make sure that we were still servicing that same audience but giving them something that maybe they hadn’t seen before from us.”

So there you have it! The next time you watch American Dragon: Jake Long, take a moment to appreciate the different art styles used throughout the series.

Which art style is better

Some controversy was stirred up when it was revealed that the upcoming season of American Dragon would have a new art style. vector-based art, instead of the traditional hand-drawn animation that the show is known for. Many fans are wondering why the sudden change?

The answer, according to those in charge, is simply that they wanted to try something new. The fact that vector-based animation is less time-consuming and cheaper to produce was likely a factor in the decision as well. Whatever the reasons, it’s certainly a bold move for a show that’s been on the air for several years.

Only time will tell whether or not this new art style will be embraced by fans old and new. In the meantime, why not check out some of the other great cartoons that are currently being produced?

The art style used in the comics

There are many theories as to why the art style in American Dragon: Jake Long changed from the first two seasons to the third and final season. Some believe that it was because of budget cuts, while others think that it was a creative decision made by the show’s creators.

Some fans have speculated that the change was due to budget cuts, as it is cheaper to animate in a simpler art style. Others believe that the creators simply wanted to try something new, as the show was starting to feel stale.

Whatever the reason, the change in art style is one of the most controversial aspects of American Dragon: Jake Long, and it is still a source of debate among fans today.

How the art styles compare

There are several distinct art styles that have been used for American Dragon: Jake Long over the course of its run. The show started with a more simple, Flash animation style in season 1, before transitioning to a more detailed cel-shaded style in season 2. After the show was cancelled, the series continued in comic book form, using yet another art style. Here’s a quick rundown of how the art styles compare.

Season 1 (2005)
The first season of American Dragon: Jake Long was animated using Flash animation. This gave the show a more simplistic look, with characters often having very large eyes and mouths. Backgrounds were also relatively simple, often just being one solid color.

Season 2 (2006-2007)
Starting with the second season, the show switched to a more traditional cel-shaded style of animation. This gave the characters a more detailed look, with smaller eyes and mouths. Backgrounds were also more complex, often featuring multiple colors and textures.

Comic Books (2008-2009)
After the show was cancelled, it continued in comic book form for two seasons. The art style used in the comics was different from both the first and second seasons of the show. Characters had larger eyes and mouths again, but they were drawn in a more realistic style. Backgrounds were also more detailed than in the first season, but not as complex as in the second season.

The art style of the spin-off

In 2005, the original American Dragon: Jake Long ended after three seasons. It was then followed up by a immediate sequel series, American Dragon: Jake Long – The Rise of the Huntsclan, which served as a bridge between the two show’s continuity. The sequel series’ art style was noticeably different from that of the original show. This was because when Disney bought’right to the American Dragon franchise from creator Jeff Goode, they also outsourced the production of the sequel series to a Korean Animation Studio rather than using Disney TV’s in-house animation studios like Disney Feature Animation and Walt Disney Imagineering.

The art style of the sequel

The art style of the sequel American Dragon: Jake Long was drastically different from that of the original series. While the original show had a more traditional animation look, the sequel went for a more realistic, cel-shaded style.

There are a few possible reasons for this change. One could be that the show’s creators wanted to distance the sequel from the original series. Another possibility is that they simply wanted to try something new and different with the sequel.

Whatever the reason, the new art style was definitely an interesting change for the American Dragon franchise.

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